Certified ADVANCED Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma Course

*7 Modules * Certified Course * Accredited Course * Online study * Tutor support * No time limit for completing your course * 150 hours of study... Learn everything you need to know to offer paid for healings as an Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner

Welcome to the Advanced Certified Crystal Healing Pracititioner Course, the next step in your training for those who have taken the Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Course with me, if you have not yet done the practitioner course I would strongly recommend you do this first so that the content we will cover in this course makes sense.

✅ Your course is Accredited by the International Association of Therapists (www.iaoth.com)

Crystals, Crystals and More Crystals.

 In this next level of training we will be visiting once again the ancient knowledge of Atlantis and their use of the crystal realms for communication, manifestation, transportation, healing etc etc. Many of you who feel drawn to work with crystals in this incarnation will probably find that in your past life you were there at that time working with these ancient crystals and you are being drawn to this kind of training course to reawaken that knowledge held deep within your subconscious and patterning.

What Will You Learn?

 ✅ We will be learning an Advanced Level Cosmic Grid procedure that will connect you and your client to the ancient wisdom of the 13 crystal skulls of Atlantis.

✅ Meet 12 new crystal friends with their unique crystal energy !

✅ Learn more about Crystal Grids and how crystal energy can impact you.

✅ How to run a complete Advanced Level Crystal Healing

✅ The Science of Crystals and the Body

✅ The history of the crystal skulls and Atlantis

✅ Programming Crystals

✅ You will have 4 meditations to work with as well as connecting with the individual energy of each of your new crystal friends one of whom is the Mitchell-Hedges skull, perhaps the most famous in our world at this moment in time. 

✅ You will need to go shopping again but hey, you can never have enough crystals ! 

See you in the course and I am here throughout for help and support.

WATCH the Free Preview Videos in the Curriculum Section.

Course Curriculum

  • 2
    2. Healing with Crystal Grids
    • What are crystal grids
    • Section 2 course notes
    • The Atlantean history of the crystal skulls
    • Connecting with Ancient Crystal Skulls - meditation
    • Crystal Skull Programming and Clearing Meditation
    • Section 2 Quiz
  • 3
    3. The 12 Crystal skulls - learn about your new Advanced Crystal Healing procedure
    • notes section 3.pdf
    • Introduction to this section
    • The Mitchell-Hedges Skull
    • Sha Na Ra
    • ET
    • Rainbow
    • Ami
    • Max
    • Synergy
    • Einstein
    • Maya
    • Mayan Skull
    • Mahasamatman
    • Amar
    • Section 3 Quiz
  • 4
    4. Your Advanced Crystal Healing Procedures
    • notes section 4.pdf
    • The Cosmic Grid Procedure
    • The Sacred Circle
    • The Cosmic Grid Procedure - demo
    • Your Personal Procedure - Using the 12 Crystal Skull Matrix Activation Portal
    • Other Healing Possibilities with a Crystal Skull Grid
    • Section 4 Quiz
  • 5
    5. Crystal Practitioner Level Procedures - Revisited
    • Important First Step
    • Daily Procedure - The Energy Unblocker
    • Daily Procedure - The Body and Mind Balancer
    • Daily Procedure - Chakra Balancer
    • Total Body Work - Seal of Solomon
    • Total Body Work - Infinity
    • Mind Procedure - Stress Buster
    • Mind Procedure - Spirit Lifiter
    • Quiz Section 5
  • 6
    6. Your Complete Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner Level Healing Demo
    • Prepare Your Space
    • Prepare You
    • Equipment Needed - download your healing record
    • When Your Client Arrives and Setting Intent
    • The Healing Procedures
    • Closing and Grounding
    • Ater the Healing - the client, you and your space
  • 7
    7. Your Certificate and IAOTH Membership Offer