Fabulous Candle Making For All - Level 2 - Candle Making Diploma Certified

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In this very comprehensive Accredited and Certified Candle Making Course, you will learn techniques to create wonderful masterpieces using the many materials available in the candle making world.  You have detailed video training and a comprehensive download manual to accompany this course. 


  • Pillar Candles,

  • Moulds, Silicon, Plastic & Metal Moulds (Molds USA)

  • Gel Wax Candles (3 types)

  • Candle Sand Candles

  • Decoupage Candles (2 types)

  • Intention Candles

  • Marbled Candles

  • Layered Candles

  • Flowered Candles Outside and Inside

  • Wax Melts

You will learn about the different waxes suitable for moulding and of course how to work specifically with gel wax. 

You will learn about all the materials needed for each candle and I will demonstrate how to make each candle from beginning to end so that you can easily and safely do this at home. 

You will step into the ancient technique of decoupage which has been around since the 12th century when tomb reliefs were found in Eastern Siberia made using this technique. I will show you the technique using candles and napkins to create statement pieces for your home. 

The way I like to teach is so that you could do this even with no knowledge of candle making, so with your video training and comprehensive manual you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will understand how to do this.

Enjoy the course and please reach out to me if you have any questions.

kind wishes


Your course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists and comes with an external diploma certificate.  www.iaoth.com

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Moulds and Wax for Gorgeous Shaped Candles
  • 3
    Types Of Candle Moulds/Molds & How To Work With Them
  • 4
    Gel Wax & 3 Ways To Work With It.
    • Create A Gel Wax Insert Candle
    • A Candle Sea Scene - Using Pure Gel Wax
    • Gel Wax & Water To Create Intricate Displays
  • 5
    Candle Sand - The NEW KID ON THE BLOCK !
    • Candle Sand, What You Can Do With It and How!
  • 6
    Candles and Flowers
    • Flowers On The Outside - How To Prepare Your Flowers
    • Flowers On The Outside - Decorating Your Candles
    • How To Use Flowers Inside Candles
  • 7
    Decoupage and Candles
    • Decoupage - A Statement Piece
    • Decoupage - Full Cover With An Easter Theme
  • 8
    Intention Candles
    • How To Create An Intention Candle
  • 9
    Marbling Candles
    • Marbling Candles To Create That Shabby Chic Look
  • 10
    Layered Candles
    • How To Create A Beautiful Layered Candle
  • 11
    Wax Melts
    • How To Create A Scented Wax Melt
  • 12
    Your Section


  • Tania  Magdalene

    Tania Magdalene

    Tania Magdalene is a Spiritual Teacher of over 37 years, teaching Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, she is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapy Teacher, and runs the Academy of Ancient Magik with her team, She is a Mystery School level 3 graduate as well as a Transference Healing Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher with life experience of many other modalities. She is a European Educational Consultant and an Honorary Fellow of the Northern and Midlands School of Music, there is a very special link between music and spirituality. As well as the above she a mother of 5 Crystal Children and have worked with over 3000 Crystal Children and their parents over the years, it is her absolute honour and privilege to do so. Please contact her at www.academyofancientmagik. Kindest wishes Tania