Accredited Angel Oracle Card Reader Diploma Course (Certified)

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In this enlightening course you will learn everything you need to know to give yourself, family and friends an Angel Oracle Card reading.

 In ancient times an Oracle was a wise Priestess who would be consulted by Kings because of her spiritual connections to the Gods, it was said that the Gods spoke through her to man. So, in the same way that people travelled to consult the Oracle,

 YOU will learn to be the Oracle yourself, you will learn to connect your energy with the energy of the oracle cards and you will become a conduit for spiritual guidance, wisdom and knowledge. 

 In this course you will connect with 22 different angels and archangels and you will meet them all individually so that you can make a special heart connection with them.  More importantly, each angel will connect you with an aspect of Christ consciousness also called Buddha consciousness, to support you in your journey of enlightenment and your growth of your spiritual gifts and talents. As well as meeting the 22 angels you will learn 9 different types of card readings, you will learn an invocation/prayer for each one so that you can connect at any time to the energy of that angel and much much more. 

 I am joined on this course by the amazing Alexandra Gabriel, whose unique connection to the angelic realm means she brings amazing insight from these realms. Alexandra channels the angelic realms through her voice, if you have taken my previous angel courses you will have been touched by her music.  Both of us will give our individual channellings on these angels and you will learn to recognise these angels and their energy with some unique perspectives. 

The card designs provided exclusively for this course have been channelled by myself and Alexandra and they are breathtaking, you will be able to use them for your own use. 

The 22 card images are provided for you to download for personal use as cards.

The course content is channelled by us from a unique perspective and if you want to know the source of the information it is the Universe, so dont expect references to it ! If another source is referred to apart from us then it is acknowledged with permission. 

Featured Review

"Oh my goodness! I have to THANK YOU! 1) for this angel healing course I'm absolutely devouring. But also 2) for referring me to Alexandra Gabriel. This year has been a WHIRLWIND as I would imagine most spiritual awakenings are...yes? Or is it just me? Haha. Anyway, Kuan Yin (who I'd never even HEARD of before comes in for me so strong with such beautiful messages that she makes me cry happy tears of joy)! Just this morning I had an ego-based fear thought - "What if I'm just making this all up and I'm kinda nuts?" And then you mention Alexandra, so I look her up and Google takes me to an interview on YouTube where the very first song the interviewer plays is The Heart of Quan Yin!" I almost fell out of my chair!! For a few reasons. One, her voice is INCREDIBLE, two, there's Quan Yin popping up again, three I've been collecting musical instruments (crystal singing bowls and a metal drum thingy I'm not quite sure what you call it) and wondering how this is all going to come together. I was born singing I think. LOVE it. But that part of me has been hibernating. I wasn't sure how to bring this all together UNTIL Alexandra. SO thank you dear Tania! I can't wait to get through the rest of this course and move on to the next ones which I've already purchased :D"

This course is a labour of love and we hope you feel the angels and our love behind it.

yours in the light

Tania and Alexandra

What Will You Learn?

✔️You will be able to provide 8 different readings for yourself, friends, family or clients

✔️You will develop an awareness of Buddha/Christ Consciousness

✔️You will connect with 22 Archangels and Angels and understand what each one brings energetically to you

✔️You will be able to provide present, medium term and future guidance through the cards.

✔️You will be able to offer paid for readings as an Angel Oracle Card reader

✔️You will be connected with and aware of the 22 aspects of Christ/Buddha Consciousness

✔️You will understand the significance of reconnecting the 22 strand dna which enlightened Masters acheive

✔️You will learn about the ancient wisdom and history of the job of the  Oracle, a wise priestess who was venerated by all who sought her spiritual knowledge.

✔️ You will learn how to become the Oracle yourself

Your course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists and comes with a diploma certificate and an opportunity to apply for reduced rate membership of the IAOTH.

Course Curriculum

(free previews available)

  • 1
    1. Introduction To the Course
  • 2
    • Angel Oracle Card Diploma Course notes section 1 and 2
    • What is Christ/Buddha Consciousness?
    • Section 2 Quiz
  • 3
    • What Are Oracle Cards?
    • The significance of 22 cards
    • Section 3 Quiz
  • 4
    4. Let's Meet the Angels and the Cards
    • Section 3 and 4 Course Notes
    • About
    • Card Templates
    • Heart Centre Meditation For Compassion
    • Archangel Michael - Truth FREE PREVIEW
    • Archangel Gabriel - Purity
    • Archangel Uriel - Divine Presence
    • Archangel Zadkiel - Forgiveness
    • Archangel Jophiel – Wisdom
    • Archangel Raphael - Healer
    • Lady Mary - Inner Child
    • Archangel Chamuel - Unconditional Love
    • Archangel Ariel - Unity
    • Archangel Azrael - Peace (Transition)
    • Archangel Haniel - Spiritual Gifts
    • Archangel Jeremiel - Compassion
    • Archangel Metatron - Empowerment
    • Archangel Raguel - Harmony
    • Archangel Raziel - Universal Consciousness
    • Archangel Sandalphon - Faith
    • The Angel of Creativity - Creativity
    • The Angel of Manifestation - Manifestation
    • The Angel of Grace - Grace
    • The Angel of Hope
    • The Angel of Courage
    • The Angel of Patience
    • Section 4. Quiz
  • 5
    5. Your cards
    • Section 5 Course Materials
    • About the cards
    • Caring for your cards
    • Clearing your cards before and after a reading
    • Section 5 Quiz
  • 6
    Section 6. How to give a 1 card reading (3 spreads)
    • Section 6. Angel Oracle Card Diploma Course notes
    • What can a 1 card reading be used for?
    • A daily reading
    • An Example of How You Might Use Your Daily Card Reading
    • A monthly reading
    • An example of a monthly 1 card reading.
    • A Yearly Angelic Guide Reading
    • An example of a yearly guide reading.
  • 7
    Section 7 – How to give a 3 card reading (3 spreads)
    • Section 7. ANGEL ORACLE CARD DIPLOMA COURSE course notes
    • What can a 3 card reading be used for?
    • Daily reading
    • An example of a daily 3 card reading
    • 3 Card Monthly Reading
    • 3 Card Life Path Reading
  • 8
    Section 8. Other uses for readings
    • Section 8. Angel Oracle Card Diploma Course notes
    • Recommended Reading Materials
    • Overview
    • Reading on a business
    • Reading on an animal
    • Reading on a relationship
  • 9
    Section 9. Common questions for card readers
    • What should I do if I don’t get the answer a client wants?
    • What if the client does not recognise any aspect of what the card is saying?
    • What should I do if I find my intuition is telling me other information?
    • How will I know if I am doing it right?
    • What happens if another card drops out when I am supposed to be only choosing 1?
    • Why don't we read cards reversed?
    • How should I deal with unwanted advances from clients
  • 10
    10. Business Bits


  • Alexandra Gabriel


    Alexandra Gabriel

    Alexandra Gabriel Channeller, Healer, Musician and TEDx Speaker About me I am a channeller, healer and award winning musician and composer with my 2 albums 'Unconditional' and 'Voices of the Goddess' being placed in the top 20 Conscious music album awards in their years of release, 2015 and 2017. I trained in Exeter Cathedral as a chorister and was then the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music scholar during my time at the Royal Northern College of Music studying voice and opera. My journey with music has always been deeply connected and linked to my spiritual practise having been open psychically since childhood. I am a Mystery School Level 3 graduate as well as an Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher of Transference Healing. I work with all age groups facilitating workshops, talks, 1-1 healings and as a teacher. I particularly enjoyed speaking about music, spirituality and the emotional body as a TEDx speaker in 2017. Please feel free to contact me through my courses or on my website, I look forward to connecting with you, Blessings and Thanks, Alexandra x
  • Tania  Magdalene

    Tania Magdalene

    Tania Magdalene is a Spiritual Teacher of over 37 years, teaching Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, she is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapy Teacher, and runs the Academy of Ancient Magik with her team, She is a Mystery School level 3 graduate as well as a Transference Healing Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher with life experience of many other modalities. She is a European Educational Consultant and an Honorary Fellow of the Northern and Midlands School of Music, there is a very special link between music and spirituality. As well as the above she a mother of 5 Crystal Children and have worked with over 3000 Crystal Children and their parents over the years, it is her absolute honour and privilege to do so. Please contact her at www.academyofancientmagik. Kindest wishes Tania