Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma Course

*11 Modules * Certified Course * Accredited Course * Online study * Tutor support * No time limit for completing your course * 150 hours of study

Your course is accredited by the International Association of  Therapists (https://www.iaoth.com/) and comes with an external diploma certificate and all your course materials for no extra charge.

This beautiful course has been designed to empower you to offer paid for healings as a Crystal Healing Practitioner, it has been created so that you can be part of a bigger universal mission to work with the crystal gird of earth, the crystal kingdom and the crystalline energy structure of the body, to lift the frequency and support healing in humanity. 

You will cover an extensive range of information about the crystal kingdom, the history of healing with crystals, how crystal healing works, colour vibrations, chakra healing and much much more. You will even get to meet the powerful crystal fairies and learn ways that they allow you access to the knowledge and powers of the crystals that they guard.

Learn 9 different crystal healings that you can offer, each healing is demonstrated with step by step photos so that you can see exactly what you need to do.

You will also discover how to create a home crystal first aid kit and will have suggestions for how they can be used. and much much much more !

Sadly you will need to go crystal shopping !!!!!!

I am here throughout the course for any help or advice and please feel free to contact me with any questions

yours in the light

Tania x

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    1. What is Crystal Healing
  • 2
    2. Your Energy Body and Crystals
    • Section 2 crystal healing practitioner diploma course lecture notes
    • The Crystal Grid of the Earth
    • Crystal Fairies
    • Crystals and Colour
    • Which Colours To Choose For What !
    • Module 2 Assessment
  • 3
    3. Chakras !
    • Section 3. Crystal Healing Practitioner Course Notes The Chakras and Colour.pdf
    • Why Are Chakra Colours So Important
    • The Chakras and Colour
    • What Are Chakras
    • How Energy Moves In Your Chakras
    • Module 3 Assessment
  • 4
    4. Building A Crystal Healing Kit
    • Building A Crystal Healing Kit
    • What Are Crystals ?
    • Crystal Shapes Introduction
    • Types of Crystal Shapes And Their Function In Detail (Bed Time Reading)
    • What To Look For In A Crystal
    • The Basic Crystal Chakra Healing Kit
    • Crystals You Will Need For Your 9 Healing Techniques
    • Basic Ailment Crystal Kit and Treatment List
    • Module 4 Assessment
  • 5
    5. Caring, Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals
    • Section 5 crystal healing practitioner diploma course lectures
    • Caring For Your Crystals
    • Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals
    • Sensitive Crystals ! Please Read Important Information
    • Module 5 Assessment
  • 6
    6. Crystal Healing Techniques
    • Introduction
    • Section 6 Course Notes
    • Prepare The Healing Space
    • Prepare You
    • Equipment Needed
    • Module 6 Assessment
  • 7
    7. 8 Different Crystal Healings That You Can Offer
    • Section 7. Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma Course
    • IMPORTANT FIRST STEP FOR EVERY HEALING - Centering and Protecting
    • Daily Procedure - The Energy Unblocker
    • Daily Procedure - Body and Mind Balancer
    • Daily Procedure - Chakra Balancer
    • Total Body Work - Seal of Solomon
    • Total Body Work - Infinity
    • Mind Procedure - Stress Buster
    • Mind Procedure - Spirit Lifter
    • Mind Procedure - Reconnector
    • After The Healing, Client and Crystals
    • The Step By Step Guide
    • Downloadable Healing Record sheet for your clients
    • Module 7 Assessment
  • 8
    8. The Business Bits
    • Section 8 notes
    • Ethics of Practice
    • Client Care and Communication
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Money Matters !
    • Insurance
    • What to charge and how to take payments
  • 9
    9. Crystal Birthstones