Certified & Accredited Fundamentals of Hypnosis Practitioner

Step by step instruction to become a successful hypnosis practitioner & coach based on 30+ years of practice & coaching.

This course has been created to take you step by step through the process of using hypnosis as a tool for change within your coaching or therapeutic business. It is also suitable for working with yourself to create change in your own life.

Inducing trance, giving suggestions and bringing the client back from trance is not necessarily difficult but like things, the task is made easier by following a system.

Most people can easily achieve a useful state of hypnosis as long as they feel safe and secure. There’s a lot of misleading information and ideas about how hypnosis works and what it can do. In this course you’ll discover how do address these misconceptions by being able to explain clearly to your clients just what hypnosis is and, more importantly what hypnosis isn’t so that they will be ready and willing to allow hypnosis to change their lives.

You’ll also be able to explain the model of the mind with regard to hypnosis and why change without hypnosis can be difficult and challenging.

You will also be able to demonstrate the power of the mind through various short demonstrations that you can use with your clients in your office.

Here you’ll discover the five essential parts of any hypnosis session and be familiar with how to perform them. I have also provided the scripts I used when learning hypnosis for the first time over thirty years ago with the late Michael Joseph who was the de facto leader in hypnosis training in the UK.

You’ll be able to construct and deliver powerful suggestions to help your clients bring about positive and effective change in their lives.

Not only that but you’ll be able to teach them self-hypnosis so that they and you will have tools to reinforce the changework from the session and also be able to apply it to other or all areas of their lives.

Successful changework depends above all on asking the right questions. Your client may be clear on what they’re not happy about but if they knew what to do they wouldn’t be coming to you for a session. By asking and structuring specific and searching questions you’ll know what to suggest to them in hypnosis.

This course can be your first step to learning and utilising the power of hypnosis to help people release unwanted behaviours and limiting beliefs. To rid themselves of unwanted habits and behaviours and how to programme themselves for success in the future.

Course Curriculum

  • 2
    Hypnosis the long and slow way. - Progressive Relaxation
    • Hypnosis: The slow way - Progressive Relaxation - Eye Closure
    • Full Body Progressive Relaxation
    • Deepening and resourceful place
    • Ego Strenghtening and Emerging from Hypnosis
    • The Five Stages of a Successful Hypnosis Session
  • 3
    Suggestibility Tests
    • To Test or Not to Test
    • Testing Overview - The heavy and light arm
    • Testing - The heavy / light arm demo
    • Testing - The Lemon
    • Testing - The Finger Vice
  • 4
    Formal Hypnosis
    • Eye Closure
    • Induction - Milton Erickson's Early Learning Set
    • Deepening - Auditory Anchor
  • 5
    Formulating and delivering suggstions
    • Suggestions - Overview
    • Creating Suggestions
    • Creating Suggestions - Motivation
    • Time
  • 6
    Model of the Mind
    • Model of the Mind - Overview
    • Model of the Mind - Autonomic Nervous System - deep unconscious
    • Model of the Mind - The Subconscious / Unconscious
    • Model of the Mind - The Conscious Mind
    • Model of the Mind - The Critical Faculty
  • 7
    • Importance of Self-Hypnosis
    • Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
  • 8
    Professional Membership and Certification


  • Dr Mark Casey


    Dr Mark Casey

    Dr Mark Casey, Coach, Trainer, Therapist, Teacher, Life hacker. About me Mark Casey has over 25 years experience as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker and Trainer. Originally trained as a classical musician he later also studied Psychology. Further training has included Life Coaching (OCR), Food Psychology Coaching, NLP (Master Practitioner), Time Line Therapy® (Master Practitioner). In addition he is a certified teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation. He is also passionate about all things Tango Argentino.