What You Will Learn In This Professionally Accredited Diploma Course

* 7 Modules * Certified Course * Accredited Course * Online study * Tutor support * No time limit for completing your course * 150 hours of study

Step into your power as a Professional Group Chakra Healing Practitioner, in this wonderful information-packed course you will learn.

  • What and where are the Chakra Energy Centres

  • Discover how the chakra system feeds into the glandular system of the body

  • Understand what emotions are displayed when a chakra is balanced

  • About the Energy Body

  • Why balance the Chakras

  • The history of Chakra Healing

  • About the Chakras of the Earth

  • How to run a Chakra Healing from a Breath Meditation to 7 Meditations for each of the 7 internal Chakras.

  • About the power of Chakra Music and its relevance to the Universal Spheres

  • How to use Chakra Mats to enhance a healing event.

  • How to use Chakra Crystals and their relationship to the light spectrum.

  • About Chakra Incenses.

  • How Chakra Mandalas bring powerful spiritual energy into a session, and the space. 

I will show you how to run an event from set-up, creating a sacred space, running a healing and grounding and clearing after an event

I have provided extensive resources that you can download and use yourself. There are also some unique perspectives on this subject as I bring through information from other times to support you, and we touch on my favourite topic Atlantis again.

Upon completion you will receive an external diploma certificate that has been accredited by the International Association of Therapists.

Blessings in the light

Tania x

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1. All About Chakras, The Energy Body and Earth Chakras
  • 2
    2. Your Chakra Healing Procedure
    • How to use this section
    • Chapter 2 Downloadable Notes
    • The Breath Meditation Explained
    • The Breath Meditation
    • The Base Chakra Explained
    • The Base Chakra Healing
    • The Navel Chakra (Sacral Chakra) Explained
    • The Navel Chakra Healing
    • The Solar Plexus Chakra Explained
    • The Solar Plexus Chakra Healing
    • The Heart Chakra Explained - the 3 chambers
    • The Heart Chakra Healing
    • The Throat Chakra Explained
    • The Throat Chakra Healing
    • The Third Eye Chakra Explained
    • The Third Eye Chakra Healing
    • The Crown Chakra Explained
    • The Crown Chakra Healing
  • 3
    3. Chakra Tools To Help When Running a Group Healing
    • Chakra Music
    • Downloadable Tibetan Chant Chakra Music / 1 for each chakra
    • Chapter 3 Lesson Notes
    • Chakra Crystals
    • Chakra Balancing Incense
    • Chakra Mandalas
    • Module 3 Assessment
  • 4
    4. How To Deliver a Chakra Healing - Group Session
    • Chapter 4 notes to download
    • Setting Up - the space, you, equipment
    • Step By Step - creating a sacred space, running the session, grounding, clearing
    • Module 4 Assessment
  • 5
    Your Downloadable Meditation MP3's
    • The 8 Meditation Downloads in MP3 format
  • 6
    Your External Diploma Certificate and Membership Offer