Accredited Meditation and Consciousness Teacher Program - The Art of Witnessing

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☯️ 150 hours of study

☯️ Includes a Distance Healing with the course instructor.

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The Art of Witnessing was inspired by the teachings of Enlightened Masters. This a simple and powerful method that teaches you how to live consciously in the present moment. This program will give you the knowledge and tools to become a Meditation and Consciousness Coach/Practitioner. 

In today's fast paced modern world, there is a great need for life coaches/practitioners. Essential factors such as fast paced lives, competitive work environment, noise pollution, family conflicts and financial pressure all result in a high stress life conditions. This can very easily manifest as physical, emotional and mental illness and diseases. 

A lot of individuals try to relax through social media, television, drinking, overeating, drugs and look for various other ways to vent and destress. The function of a coach/practitioner is to provide a supportive environment where the client feels satisfied with the knowledge and suggestions given by the therapist. Clients should be given holistic techniques and practical tools that can be applied through the course of their lives.

This program introduces practical techniques that can be applied in today's fast paced society. You can apply the concepts of witnessing to all aspects of your life on a day to day basis. To enhance your experience, we have added some wonderful visual images and pictures to help you understand these concepts. You will also receive one free distant energy healing session as a part of this program! 

This course explains diverse spiritual concepts such as meditation, the age of your soul, the universal law of karma and life after death! It also focuses on the power of forgiveness. If you have a basic understanding of the universal laws of consciousness, it prepares you to become a good practitioner. This course offers knowledge from different spiritual perspectives to enhance your understanding of consciousness so you can use these tools to guide others. 

This program also makes references to the knowledge given by various spiritual teachers, doctors, scientists, phd's and researchers. There is a guided meditation with soft eastern music in the background. There is a demonstration of a very simple and powerful breathing technique. You will also learn very powerful energy healing techniques that can very easily be taught to your clients! This is a complete program that uses diversified methods to help achieve balance on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!

What You Will Learn

  • ✳️ Meditation and Consciousness Coach/Practitioner Certification Program
  • ✳️ Learn practical techniques that can be applied in today's fast paced society
  • ✳️ Learn to live consciously in the present moment
  • ✳️ Experience a deeper level of awareness
  • ✳️ Transform your relationships with everyone around you
  • ✳️ Become a better parent, partner, worker and friend
  • ✳️ Guided meditation included
  • ✳️ Receive one free distant energy healing session
  • ✳️ This program was inspired by the teachings of enlightened masters
  • ✳️ Improve your health on all levels - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual


This course is exceptional. The videos are very professional. I enjoyed watching the beautiful images and loved the music as well as the guided meditations.

Thank you for answering all my complex questions in length and detail. It's like having my own personal spiritual counselor in my home at all times. You are very patient and kind.

Munira Gilani


This course is a beautiful reminder that we can not control what happens around us, but we can control what happens within us. These techniques can help us become more aware, more grounded and more conscious.

Fatima Ali

Course Curriculum

  • 2
    Module 1 - The Art of Witnessing
    • Part 1 - Introduction to Witnessing
    • Part 2 - Practical Aspects of Witnessing
    • Module 1 Materials
  • 3
    Module 2 - Fundamentals of Meditation
    • Importance of Meditation
    • The Importance of Meditation
  • 4
    Module 3 - How to practice "The Art of Witnessing"
    • Becoming a good Coach/Practitioner FREE PREVIEW
    • Notes - Becoming a good Coach/Practitioner
    • The Story of Buddha
    • Notes -The Story of Buddha
    • Using The Principles Of Witnessing
    • Notes - Using the Principles of Witnessing
    • Judge Not
    • Notes - Judge Not
    • The Age of Your Soul!
    • Notes - The Age of Your Soul
    • The Universal Law of Karma
    • Notes - The Universal Law of Karma
    • Life After Death
    • Notes - Life After Death
    • Applying "The Art of Witnessing" Into our daily lives
    • Notes - Applying "The Art of Witnessing" Into our daily lives
  • 5
    Module 4 - Guided Meditation/Visualization for Witnessing
    • Witnessing Meditation Instructions
    • Witnessing - Guided Meditation
  • 6
    Module 5 - Introduction to Energy Healing
    • Energy Healing For Witnessing
    • Resources - Chakras
    • Resources - Instructions
    • Energy Healing Therapy
    • Witnessing Exercise using Energy Healing
  • 7
    Module 6 - Distant Energy Healing Therapy
  • 8
    Module 7 - Introduction to Deep Breathing
    • Deep Breathing - About
    • Deep Breathing - Video
  • 9
    Module 8 - A Little Forgiveness Goes A Long Way
    • Forgiving is essential for our Spiritual Growth!
    • Notes - Forgiving is essential for our spiritual growth
    • True Story on The Power of Forgiveness!
    • True Story on The Power of Forgiveness!
    • Important and Practical Lesson For Forgiveness
    • Notes - Important and Practical Lesson For Forgiveness
  • 10
    Module 9 - Universal Consciousness - Video
    • Individual consciousness merging into universal consciousness - About
    • Universal Consciousness - Video
  • 11
    Module 10 - Transformation of the mind to Spiritual Consciousness - Video
    • Transformation of the mind
  • 12
    Completion Certificate and Reduced Rate Membership of the IAOTH Offer


  • Mohmood Valimohamed

    Director of Center For Inner Awakening

    Mohmood Valimohamed

    Hi, I am Mohmood, and I have spent my life devoted to the practice of spiritual awakening and helping others expand their consciousness. In modern society, we have been lead to believe that happiness comes from material success or external surroundings. There is nothing wrong with working hard to acheive your goals. However, we get so caught-up with our material lives that we forget to keep a balance with all the other important aspects of our being. Through transforming our minds and hearts and awakening to a deeper spiritual consciousness, we can strive to lead a happier, balanced and more fulfilling life. I hope some of these tools can help you access those inner moments of happiness and bliss that we are all searching for! Mohmood Valimohamed Director, Center for Inner Awakening ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mohmood is a Spiritual Healer and Meditation Teacher certified in: ​ Spiritual Counseling, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Basic Ayurveda, Past Life Regression Therapy, Nutrition, Iridology, various methods of Meditation and is a Reiki Master ​ He is the author of "Book of Wisdom", "The Art of Witnessing", "The Art of Forgiveness & Love" ​ He has created a YouTube channel and published videos on: Religion & Spirituality, Different Levels of Consciousness, The Five Bodies of a Human, Forgiveness, Karma and more. ​ He is the founder of The Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program - IAM, Inner Awakening Through Past Lives Program and other certification programs.