Angel Blessings - Angel Numbers

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Why should you take this Angel Numbers Course?

As you look out at the sky and the world around you, have you ever found yourself coming to a sudden stop as you suddenly see a repeating number pattern that you notice on your phone, on a car number plate, on a phone number, a door number or a document, to name a few places? It isn’t just that you notice the number but seeing the number creates a heightened response in you, your eyes widen and you find yourself doing a double take, and having a “what is that” moment?

These “sit-up and notice” number events have been happening for the last 50 years but really accelerated in the last 12 years, coinciding with the earths shift into the new age of Aquarius. “But what does that mean?” I hear you ask !

You will find those answers in this wonderful Angel Numbers Diploma Course (part of the Angel Blessings Series)

What will you learn?

Learn about Angel Numbers

Learn why you keep seeing repeated patterns of numbers

Understand the role of Archangel Metatron in sacred geometry and numbers

Understand why you are seeing repeated numbers at this time.

Learn the Significance of Numbers Throughout History the Building Blocks of Creation

Discover that you were created from numbers and sacred shapes

Learn about Thoth, Sacred Geometry, Numbers and Pyramids

Learn how Angel Numbers as symbols are awakening your psyche.

Discover Your Angel Life Path number

Experience 2 beautiful meditations

We are honoured to bring this course to you

With love and light

Alexandra Gabriel and Tania Magdalene

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