Course Description

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This powerful and beautiful course has been designed to give you all the foundations you need to run Sound Healings on yourself, friends, family and even clients.

Sound is a sacred part of us that we connect with every day. In this course take your understanding of sound, the throat chakra and the sacred geometry embedded within sound to the next level. 

We will be using our voice as the vessel for the healings and so you do not have to have a musical instrument to take part. By the end of the course you will have three main sound healing techniques and practices to work with on yourself or others. You do not need to already be a trained musician to enjoy and work with the content in this course. 

If you've always loved music, singing and been intrigued by the world of Sound Healing, come and join us!  I can't wait to share this sacred space with you! 

What you’ll learn

  • Learn everything you need to know to run Sound Healings

  • Understand the history of Sound Healing and why it is relevant now

  • Learn the foundations of the sacred geometry embedded in sound

  • Explore the connection between Sound and the body. 

  • Reconnect with Sound in a unique and powerful way through Sound activations 

  • Learn 2 different Sound Healings in a step by step approach that you can use on clients

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to work with their voice or learn how to run a Sound Healing on themselves or others. 

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Sound Throughout The Ages
  • 3
    The Technology of Sound- Foundations
    • The Technology of Sound
    • The Notes
    • Tones and Semitones
    • Notes, Tones, Semitones and The Human Body
    • Quiz -The Technology of Sound
  • 4
    Sound and The Chakras
    • Chakra Alignment Through Sound
    • The Base Chakra
    • The Base Chakra Meditation
    • The Naval Chakra
    • The Naval Chakra Meditation
    • The Solar Plexus Chakra
    • The Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
    • The Heart Chakra
    • The Heart Chakra Meditation
    • The Throat Chakra
    • The Throat Chakra Meditation
    • The Third Eye Chakra
    • The Third Eye Chakra Meditation
    • The Crown Chakra
    • The Crown Chakra Meditation
    • Quiz- Sound and The Chakras
  • 5
    Running a Sound Healing for the Self and Others
    • Running a Sound Healing for the Self and Others
    • Daily Attunement
    • Daily Attunement Demonstration
    • Chakra Balance
    • Chakra Balance Demonstration
    • Chakra Attunement Procedure
    • Chakra Attunement Demonstration
    • Conclusion


  • Alexandra Gabriel


    Alexandra Gabriel

    Alexandra Gabriel Channeller, Healer, Musician and TEDx Speaker About me I am a channeller, healer and award winning musician and composer with my 2 albums 'Unconditional' and 'Voices of the Goddess' being placed in the top 20 Conscious music album awards in their years of release, 2015 and 2017. I trained in Exeter Cathedral as a chorister and was then the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music scholar during my time at the Royal Northern College of Music studying voice and opera. My journey with music has always been deeply connected and linked to my spiritual practise having been open psychically since childhood. I am a Mystery School Level 3 graduate as well as an Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher of Transference Healing. I work with all age groups facilitating workshops, talks, 1-1 healings and as a teacher. I particularly enjoyed speaking about music, spirituality and the emotional body as a TEDx speaker in 2017. Please feel free to contact me through my courses or on my website, I look forward to connecting with you, Blessings and Thanks, Alexandra x