Accredited Ayurvedic Advanced Medicine Foundation Diploma Course

IAOTH ACCREDITED, Continue your study into the world of Ayurvedic medicine, go into greater depth with the amazing ancient practices of Ayurveda.

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 15 Sections 

2.5 hrs of Content

59 Lectures

Certified Course

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All comprehensive materials and certificate included

What will you learn?

Study the traditional History of Ayurveda

Discover the Psychology of the Doshas

Understand lifestyle balance for each Dosha

Look at Ayurvedic Dinacharya and its benefits

Discover the Daily cycles of Dinacharya

Learn an Ideal Routine for Ayurveda Dinacharya

Learn about The Brahmi Muhurta?

Discover how to work with Ayurvedic Oral Cleaning

Study Ayurvedic Oil Pulling and learn how to work with it

Understand Ayurvedic Massage

Learn Self-abhyanga massage procedures

Learn how to use Ayurvedic or Herbal oils for Ayurvedic massage

Learn all about the Ayurvedic Bath

Study the ritual of the Ayurvedic bath

Learn about the Ayurvedic Meal's Eight Factors

How to prepare and Ayurvedic Meal

Study Incompatible food combinations in Ayurveda

Learn the Traditional History of Ayurveda

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with an interest in alternative medicine,  Ayurvedic medicine, or for anyone who wants to look at health and well-being alternatives. 

Are there any course requirements?

Please take our Ayurvedic Beginners Course First to be eligible for a Certificate. 

Course curriculum

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  • 2
    Section 1 - Ayurveda's History
  • 3
    Section 2 - The physiology of the Doshas
    • Lecture 8 - The Physiology of Vata + Section 2 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 9 - Physiology of Pitta
    • Lecture 10 - Physiology of Kapha
  • 4
    Section 3 - Lifestyle Balance
    • Lecture 11 - Ideal Lifestyle for vata balance + Section 3 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 12 - Ideal Lifestyle for pitta balance
    • Lecture 13 - Ideal Lifestyle for kapha balance
  • 5
    Section 4 - What is Ayurvedic Dinacharya?
    • Lecture 14 - What is Ayurvedic Dinacharya? + Section 4 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 15 - Daily cycles of Dinacharya
    • Lecture 16 - Ideal Routine for Ayurveda Dinacharya
    • Lecture 17 - Dinacharya’ s Benefits
  • 6
    Section 5 -The Brahmi Muhurta
    • Lecture 18 -What is The Brahmi Muhurta? + Section 5 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 19 - What should one do during the Brahma Muhurata?
    • Lecture 20- Things not to do in Brahma Muhurta Dharmashastra
  • 7
    Section 6 - Ayurvedic Oral Cleaning
    • Lecture 21 - Ayurvedic Oral Cleaning + Section 6 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 22 - Importance of Dental Care Routine in Ayurveda
    • Lecture 23 - Functions of Bodhaka Kapha in the oral cavity
    • Lecture 24 - Understanding Ayurvedic concept of Tooth health
    • Lecture 25 - Ayurvedic Oral Care Routine
    • Lecture 26- Benefits of Good Oral Health
  • 8
    Section 7 - Ayurvedic Oil pulling
    • Lecture 27 - Ayurvedic Oil pulling + Section 7 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 28 - What is the best way to perform oil pulling?
    • Lecture 29 - What are the advantages of oil pulling?
  • 9
    Section 8 - Ayurvedic Massage
    • Lecture 30 - Ayurvedic Massage + Section 8 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 31 - Self-abhyanga massage procedure
    • Lecture 32 - Using Ayurvedic or Herbal oils for Ayurvedic massage
  • 10
    Section 9 - Ayurvedic Bathing
    • Lecture 33 -All about Ayurvedic Bathing + Section 9 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 34 - The ritual of the Ayurvedic bath
    • Lecture 35 - Procedure for Special Ayurvedic bath
    • Lecture 36 - Precautions for daily Ayurvedic bath
    • Lecture 37 - General Benefits of a daily bath
  • 11
    Section 10 - Eight factors of an ideal Ayurvedic meal
    • Lecture 38 - Eight factors of an ideal Ayurvedic meal + Section 10 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 39 - The Ayurvedic Meal's Eight Factors
    • Lecture 40 - Prakrati
  • 12
    Section 11 - Eight Factors of an Ideal Ayurvedic Meal II
    • Lecture 41 - Eight Factors of an Ideal Ayurvedic Meal II + Section 11 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 42 - The Mango Case Study
  • 13
    Section 12 - Incompatible Food Combinations
    • Lecture 43 - What is an incompatible food combination and why it is bad? + Section 12 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 44 - Ayurvedic Bad Food Combinations
    • Lecture 45 - How to reduce the harmful effects of bad food combinations?
    • Lecture 46 - Body Conditioning to Bad Food Combinations
  • 14
    Section 13 - Ayurvedic way of drinking water
    • Lecture 47 - Ayurvedic way of drinking water + Section 13 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 48 - Rules for Daily Water Intake according to Ayurveda
    • Lecture 49 - Additional Ayurvedic Tips for drinking water
    • Lecture 50 - What are the advantages of drinking water properly?
  • 15
    Section 14 - Ayurvedic Nasya: What Is It and How Do I Use It?
    • Lecture 51 - Importance of nasal health + Section 14 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 52 - Types of Nasya
    • Lecture 53 - Procedure for general Ayurvedic nasya
    • Lecture 54 - General Benefits of Nasya
    • Lecture 55 - The safety profile of Nasya
  • 16
    Section 15 - Ideal sleep habits according to Ayurveda
    • Lecture 56 - Ideal sleep habits according to Ayurveda + Section 15 - Downloadable Notes
    • Lecture 57 - Good Sleep for Vata Body Type
    • Lecture 58 - Good Sleep for Pitta Body Type
    • Lecture 59 - Good Sleep for Kapha Body Type
  • 17
    Certification and Further Reading


  • Alexandra Gabriel


    Alexandra Gabriel

    Alexandra Gabriel Channeller, Healer, Musician and TEDx Speaker About me I am a channeller, healer and award winning musician and composer with my 2 albums 'Unconditional' and 'Voices of the Goddess' being placed in the top 20 Conscious music album awards in their years of release, 2015 and 2017. I trained in Exeter Cathedral as a chorister and was then the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music scholar during my time at the Royal Northern College of Music studying voice and opera. My journey with music has always been deeply connected and linked to my spiritual practise having been open psychically since childhood. I am a Mystery School Level 3 graduate as well as an Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher of Transference Healing. I work with all age groups facilitating workshops, talks, 1-1 healings and as a teacher. I particularly enjoyed speaking about music, spirituality and the emotional body as a TEDx speaker in 2017. Please feel free to contact me through my courses or on my website, I look forward to connecting with you, Blessings and Thanks, Alexandra x
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    Tania Magdalene

    Tania Magdalene is a Spiritual Teacher of over 37 years, teaching Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, she is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapy Teacher, and runs the Academy of Ancient Magik with her team, She is a Mystery School level 3 graduate as well as a Transference Healing Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher with life experience of many other modalities. She is a European Educational Consultant and an Honorary Fellow of the Northern and Midlands School of Music, there is a very special link between music and spirituality. As well as the above she a mother of 5 Crystal Children and have worked with over 3000 Crystal Children and their parents over the years, it is her absolute honour and privilege to do so. Please contact her at www.academyofancientmagik. Kindest wishes Tania

About the Author

Vaidya Kanika Verma is an Ayurveda Consultant (BAMS, MMS, PGDPC, PGDVA) with a focus on Preventive Ayurveda. She specializes in Ritucharya consultation (Ayurvedic Preventive seasonal therapy) and Satvavjaya (Ayurvedic mental health management), with more than 10 years of experience.

Kanika is also a qualified psychotherapist with a specialization in mindfulness. She loves to combine mental healing along with physical treatment. Her knowledge of Vedic medical astrology adds to her diagnosis and disease prediction abilities.

Kanika believes that everyone can stay perennially healthy by simplifying the mind, diet, and lifestyle. Her two published books echo her opinion on simplicity and a flexible health approach.
Ageless Life with Ayurvedic Ritucharya (2016)
Zero-Time Mindfulness (2019)

Available on amazon kindle. You can visit her blog for more information